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clowns and flying nocturnal things are natural enemies across dimensions

Earth-3: Batman/DC Mirrorverse
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To look in the mirror, and comprehend each individual's capacity for good and evil...
This little fandom has everything--jokes, revenge, hotshot show biz managers, crazy universe-crossing daughters and a kamikaze comedian at the creamy (if not bloody) center.


Welcome to the fan community for DC Comics' very own Mirrorverse, Earth-3. I'll let guiding inspiration overlithe explain:

"For the newcomers: what the flipping heck is Earth-3?

Earth-3 is an official parallel universe from the comics that's part of the new post-Infinite Crisis DC multiverse. On Earth-3, Owlman, the Batman equivalent, is a sociopathic crime lord and the Joker equivalent, Jokester, is a costumed crime-fighter.

The same concept is also explored in two episodes of the 2008/09 animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Deep Cover for Batman! and Game Over for Owlman!. The animated version of Earth-3 differs from the comics one, but in both versions the Joker equivalent is the hero and the Batman equivalent is the villain.

Think this premise is awesome and full of possibilities? We do too."

With the airing of an animated version of Earth-3, this community was born. overlithe's contributions as an enthusiastic advocate for Earth-3 fandom can never be underestimated, especially since the first post here will be a link to her comprehensive and up-to-date Master List of Earth-3 fanworks so far (fic, art, meta/discussion, icons, wallpapers, scans), and it will be appropriately tagged for easy reference, not to mention used as this profile's web page.

overlithe brought about most of Earth-3's growing fandom through the shipping community batmanjoker, and as such there is much E-3 focus on their iconic relationship, which apparently transcends dimensions and morality alignments.

Part of the reason for starting this comm. in the first place, despite having an efficient working system in overlithe's Master List and enthusiastic discussion at batmanjoker whenever the subject of E-3 comes up, is to provide a place where it is Earth-3/Mirrorverse all the time and with even wider access to everyone, and to give people the chance to explore other relationships besides Jokester & Owlman, i.e. Jokester & the alternate Two-Face (Three-Face) or Owlman & the alt. Robin (Talon); or even just the gen of Earth-3 with not much romance at all. Also, to let people explore the good/evil inversion of other DC characters they may like within or outside of Gotham that never appeared in the canon comic or cartoon, i.e. other Justice League members like Zatanna, or other villains like Circe.

Important Notes:

AU of the canon AU Earth-3 is always welcome. Simply dealing with just the concept of the moral reversal of DC characters and letting your own ideas flow from that is welcome. Nolanverse, DCAU, and any other continuities you can think of are allowed and encouraged to be mixed in.

This comm., though it welcomes ships, is ultimately ship neutral.


1. Be considerate and respectful of everyone, no bashing (of characters, ships, and each other).
2. Anything Earth-3 related is welcomed, including using other continuities such as the Nolan movies for comparison purposes, or using elements of it in Earth-3 imaginings.
3. Spoiler warnings when applicable--right now, none is necessary for The Dark Knight or any of the older works (previous DCAU like Batman the Animated Series, Tim Burton movie versions, etc.), but for any upcoming new Batman-related material--the Brave and the Bold continuation of the first Earth-3 animated story for one--please warn about spoilers until said otherwise.
4. All fanfiction and icons and fanart and any other images should be behind an lj-cut, or simply linked (previews of fan material above the cut/link are of course fine). If discussion/meta proves bulky, put the majority of it behind a cut, or linked.
5. If possible, please credit any images you have no ownership of.
6. Fanfic and fanart must be appropriately rated.
7. Please take the time to choose the proper tag from the list (and feel free to make an individual post to suggest a tag).
8. If you want to affiliate, please make a post, titled "Affiliation Request," and with the proper tag ('affiliate request').
9. Given the recent debacle with scans_daily, please be careful with scans, do not post enough to infringe copyright, use common sense, exercise caution, etc. (thanks for your cooperation).


greedyslayer & overlithe


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